The Manor

The Manor is actually a large, rambling English Manor belonging basically to Lord Chadwick. It's grounds include various other places such as a hedge maze, a small forest, a number of cottages and places such as The English House. It is possibly near some sort of small village, perhaps Waysnest?
Earl Chadwick (Chad):one of our Englishmen, he is formal and rather proper. His sister is Lady Elaine Chadwick, who is one of the few people close to him. Of late he has developed a fascination with H.P. Lovecraft, and has taken to decorating his manor in Lovecraftian style.

Lady Alexandra: Very much high society, she is someone most comfortable in "refined company" and insistent on imaculate surroundings.

Lady Elaine Chadwick:She is very social, very socialable, very nice and polite. She is refined but not classist.

Andrea: She is perhaps 27 and dresses well and takes good care of the body and appearence. She enjoys taking care of things and helps some of the kids. She is one of our more feminine people, and enjoys doing household chores, dressing femme and "keeping things in order". (No one has heard from her in several years)

Emelia: She is very self-assured, very confident and was very much connected to Rimbaud (the old Front). She is sensual and not so verbal as some of us, and not scared of being female and assertive. She is Andrea's sister and "other part" or counterbalance.