New Hope/Dark City

New Hope is actually an old city, near a river something perhaps a bit like the Mississipi, meeting on what is either a very large lake or an ocean at places. There is both the Old City and New City, as well as various other areas... The Dark City is either a seperate place nearby or (depending on how you count it) an overgrown suburb of New Hope. A lot of the vampires and various adults live in New Hope, particularly the more cultured people. It is not too far from the Church of Our Lady of Mercy and the surrounding villages, although there is a forest in between, and the inhabitants of the City often fear to leave it, and fear the forest. There is rarely if ever true sunlight in the City-the air is full of thick fogs and mist, and the skies are perpetually gray and heavy with clouds. It rains a great deal there.




DarkSun:He uses the title Soul of the Eclipse and is a vampire who resides in the Old City of New Hope, near Lafayette cemetary

Erik:I am old, I am young. I am many things. . . I wear a mask, and hide in shadows.


Ireik: he chose his name from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom, and is somewhat mercurial and dark, like the Phantom himself. He has a tendency towards being obsessive.


Lilith: I was part of the cult activities, and know a great deal about them and how the cult works.

poet: poet is. . .just that. s/he speaks in an odd poetic cadence, and prefers to write. s/he is very in touch with much of the children's pain and feels often alone. sometimes s/he feels comfortable sharing her work with others, as it is her main form or communication.

Shad:he is in his early twenties, and is a write, artist and poet. He is very emotional and dramatic, although given towards melancholy. He is also gay, and has a very dramatic "queeny" side to him at times. He has a very good sense of humour when not being moody. He and Daniel tend not to get along well.

Shane: He is a midtwenties male, pretty, and a vampire. He is very nice, very cultured, and interested in art and music (he both writes and paints). However, he is at times prey to deep depressions and hopelessness. (He is also quite queer.)

Valentine: a vampire and protecter, he hails from somewhere in the Dark City, near New Hope