People Divisions

We are continually updating this page, as there are always more of us coming to the surface, as it were. Some of us may make our own pages, and some will contribute their perspectives on themselves and others. (At the moment we are adding a lot of people to this page, and also trying to provide profiles for everyone. This may take a while. Some of the people listed on this page are MIA and presumed possibly merged?)

New Hope/Dark City


A small, tidy little village near the forest, where the Church of Our Lady of Mercy is located. Most of the inhabitants are quiet, ordinary people who never interact with this world at all.
Grace:She is Anatashi's sister and is usually co-conscious with her, as her job is to make sure Anatashi doesn't cause too much trouble and to caretake other people. She is kind, caring, quite feminine, and very Christian.

Forest People
There are many forests in our world. From the AllForest, whose location varies, to Mirkwood, the Night Woods, the Wailing Wood, etc. Most of the people in this list live, or we presume they do, in one of the general sorts of forest areas unless otherwise noted. Narnia and the Forests overlap in places: some of the forest people may actually reside in Narnia
Abrahamn:I know little more then his name...

Cassila:she is Wiccan and very much female. Strong-willed and ardent in her convictions, she is something of an activist and is very much concerned by women's rights issues. She is a friend of Fr.Daniel.

Healer:she was deeply wounded by the things the cult made her do, and nearly killed the body several times in remorse over them. She blames herself extensively for the misuse of her healing gifts she was forced into in her youth.

Hunter: Possibly a resident of Narnia?

Quiet:I am about 12, sometimes younger. I don't like talking to Outside people much though I can. I enjoy making collages and doing puzzles. Some of the others used to say I was autistic. I am not very fond of lots of people, especially in groups, but I like being out of doors.

Seer: a blind old woman, who sees a great deal of both the Inside and Outside worlds.

Myth:she is somewhat ageless, having the manner of a child yet obviously being more then that. She is not an Elf, but has Elven blood, and interacts with the world and goes on "adventures" and "treasure hunts" for them. She is very fun-loving and high-spirited.

Songsmith: she is one of the Elves, and sings as well as plays various instruments. She is something of a spokesperson for them; while many of them cannot come Out into the World, she can if needed (though she wholey dislikes doing so), and is less Deep then many of them. She is their Heir and Princess, their Keeper. (She also has a perchance for Gail Baudino and Mercedes Lackey books). She tends to wear colorful, flowing clothing.

some more of the elves:Wingshadow, Firestorm, Shadowsong, Laywing, Cat'ssound, Eluweyan, and Terril

strangelings-strange children who do sometimes interact with the world
Gabbie:She is about five and stutters

rain girl:she likes the rain and water, and storms. she isn't afraid of them, like a lot of the rest of us are. she also likes to swim a lot.

tomy:he is 4, very fearful and distrustful of things in general. He gets scared easily and fears adults, and tends to like curling up in a ball and hiding. He really likes toy trucks and building sand castles and going to the beach. He also really like kittens and has a kitten inside he likes to play with, and is really excited that we might be getting rats someday. he is allie's brother.

The Twins:(age five) they are more then one yet less then two, not quite either. One of them often speaks for the other: I do not know if they have seperate names, as they are rarely out. One speaks with a lisp, the other very slowly and hollowly. They generally like things in two's, and are particularly fond of pretty flowers (pink and purple one's are favorites, though so are daffodils), parks, fields of grass, etc. They enjoy the outdoors, listening to birds, playing with small animals and such. They are very scared of people, particularly large adults.

the Tunnel Children:they include strange, sewer rat, whiskers, ratling, sewer girl, and others


Dog Child: she is young, very animalsitc. It is possible she is not human at all but actually a young, somewhat feral dog/wolf.

Graywolf:She used to call herself "animal child", but within the last year she changed her name. She is still a child of five-seven, and cares much for animals. But she does not consider herself "human" as much anymore, and although she is withdrawn in a different way then she used to be, she is less stuck her own world. or perhaps it is a different world she is in now. she is planning to do her own webpage. She really likes ElfQuest and took her name from a character in an ElfQuest story (she especially like the idea of "sending" to wolves and whatnot). She also really likes Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar books.

Our Lady of Mercy

The Altar Boys:(including John, Mark, Matt, Luke, Andrew, and Geordie)

Father Daniel: He is a Catholic priest. He is confesser and relegious comfort to many of those inside, especially the Christians. He also has his own system, the Daniel Collective

Daniel Collective: they are the system of Fr.Daniel Ashkennon, who is a member of our system who is himself multiple. We are still learning about them.

The Nuns (all are members of the Sisters of Mercy):
Sister Marie Theresa
:she seems to be something of a spokesperson for the nuns, and often writes for them.
Sister Marie Katherine, Sister Louise, Sister Bridgette, Sister Cathleen, Sister Bridgett Louise, Sister Farraday, Mother Mary

We call ourselves "Kindern Aus Mengele"
Shade/Dr.Death: he is male, and in his late twenties. He suffered a great deal of traumatic ritual abuse experiences and blames himself for what he was made to do. However, he is beginning to overcome his guilt. He was a "doctor" in the cult and feels much pain over what he did there. He very strongly connects with the Holocaust and tends to come out and be very morose when we read or watch anything to do with it.

Autumn People






Mute: she is about 6 or so, and does not speak. she holds memories of some severely traumatic things and DOES NOT talk. however, she is also rather social, for one of the children, and is slowly becoming more accustomed to the outside world. she greatly enjoys playing games of all types, particulary social ones such as board games or card games. she finds it frustrating that outsiders do not understand why the body has suddenly stopped speaking. About a year ago she had a very unpleasent experience with someone we met and has been hideing somewhere inside since then. I hope she will come back soon.


Nobody: she is perhaps sixteen, and wants to harm and kill the body. She feeds off the Host's despair.

Nothing:she is a teenager who hates the body very much, and enjoys self-injuring. She does not consider herself part of the body or the system, and tries to harm the Host as much as possible. She dislikes people and finds their presence "unnerving", particularly those who care about the system.
side note: there are two Nothing's, the other one is listed below.

Nothing:she is sixteen, and was "born" at about twelve. she aged with the body up until age sixteen. she was present a lot the summer we tried to commit suicide. she is very Goth. she is also very depressed. she doesn't like people in large numbers but is okay with them in smaller groups. she has a problem with si.

Numb: she is just that, perfectly and utterly numb. she tends to take over when we are unable to function and coldly and matter-of-factly do whatever needs to be done.

Southern Plains People

Alice: black, in her late thirties to early forties, she has something of a southern accent. she speaks her opinions honestly, and takes care of children. she considers herself, "no' much on book learnin' but wise i' the ways of life". (She has not been seen in approximately three years or so.)

Jackson: He is a thirtysomething man, possibly of Southern and French descent. He takes care of and gaurds certian things and forgotten information. He is also scarely ever out. He has a kind of sadness to his manner, as of one who has seen far more then he ever should have had to.

Jamison: he is the Protecter of James and Jamie, and is older then they. He is related to Jackson, and is also of some indirect French descent. He was subject to quite a bit of ritual abuse. He holds the more cognitive part of those memories.

James: he is somewhere between Jamison and Jamie, being neither quite an adult nor quite a child. He is sometimes a young adult, sometimes a child. He and Jamie are very strongly linked, and Jamie lives behind him.

Jamie: he lives behind James. He is a very young, frightened, although bright child and tends to speak quickly and repeats himself often when speaking (is about four).

Musician:One of his only interests is music, from classical to industrial to celtic. He is learning to play the piano, and has a bit of a temper. He is a fierce perfectionist and serves to distract himself and us and to soothe in the firey intensity of dedication.


Cheli:her age ranges from about seven and slightly younger to about thirteen. She went away for a year or so and came back the age she is now (twelve/thirteen-ish) and sometime wants to write about what happened to make her older. She's always cared for the other children a great deal, though she seems glad she's had to do this less of late. She has a disturbeing fascination with Hello Kitty and wears far more pink then most of us would.

Collecter:I hold knowledge, and collect, as my name implies, bits and pieces of information, especially of poetry, songs, quotes, etc. I was originally a Surface person, and in the world a great deal, but because of very extreme experiences was forced to retreat inside. I grew up there, unlike many of the children. I am about thirty or perhaps a little older (yes, I am older then the body). I am now beginning to deal with "my" past and the pain of it, and am out quite a bit. I try to help people, as much and when I can. I enjoy art and literature, and am something of an artist. I also enjoy learning, as much as I am able. The others say I am a bit detached: I have to be.

Cyndric Allen: a young boy, about six-eight or so, adult for his age. He lives in a world of knights and dragons, and likes astronomy and aliens, as well as Star Wars and computer games. (He's quite bright, he passed our astronomy class for us!).


silenze:she is relatively "newly" out, and has not gotten used to the outside world yet. She tends to cringe and hide from human contact, and repeats things aloud or in her head to calm herself. She has a tendency to rock back and forth and to wring her hands a lot.

sue: hello. i am um, about eight-twelve. i live in the Castle by the Twilight Sea. i like walking the forest and the park. i like to draw with colored pencils and sometimes do other types of art. i like to write. I used to like to be in Sherwood Forest (a forest on the father's property where we lived as a child) and I love the smell of bay laurel.

Thyme:he wears grey robes and walks down dusty hallways, but what he searches for, and why, I do not know...


The Red and Black Lands

The Corinthian: He is a very, very strange fellow. Elegant, well-mannered, and cultured, he has mouths for eyes and razor-sharp teeth. He also eats eyeballs. . . And he is not originally from out system.

Eight: Eight is The Corinthian's son, and companion.


RSLVE:he is very strange and very hurt and only beginning to emerge from his long silence. He tends to refer to himself as "it" and has a great deal of trouble with communiating with others.

DEMA:a sort of cousin to RSLVE.

Mulder:"call me Fox". He is a rabid X-Files fan (though a lot of us like it, at least the older episodes, not that new drek). He is a short man, about five four, with pale brown hair and dark brown eyes and small, gentle hands. He is very bright and helps us take care of a lot of our school work. He is also fascinated by the paranormal and psychic phenomena, and is a believer in them.


the Battalion:they are Warriors, some of whom will be listed seperately here. they work directly under Erin or one of his "lieutents", and are responsible for keeping the Deep Ones at bay inside and out, as well as "maintaining the struggle for the Light." Some of them are: Caretaker (aka Righter), Sunrise Warrior, Sunset Warrior (aka Shade), Depth, Poisent, and many others.

the Detective:He is about mid to late thirties. He walks with a distinct limp and has a coarser voice then many of us. He admires and relates well to police and law enforcement officals, and is a protecter and Gaurdian. One of his duties is the solving of problems. He enjoys, in his rare spare time, reading mystery novels. He is also a big Sherlock Holmes fan.

Erin:Erin is a tall, redhaired Irishman who speaks and writes in a thick brogue. He is a Protecter and Gaurdian of the System. He is an ancient Celtic warrior and a very kind, boundlessly caring and endlessly strong person. He is both timeless and ageless, and has always been with us and promises to always remain. He has a strange, Irish sense of humor and is a great comfort and help to us.

Gaurd:he does just that, Gaurds and Protects, monitors the Troops and the different battalions, accepts some responsiblities of Officers, and keeps his head on very straight (though underneath he has a good of sense of humor).

The Jedi aka The Soul aka He Who Walks Alone: he is ageless and all ages, and tends to speak in riddles and enigmatic phrases. He is very kind and careing but also very no nonsense, and is close to Seer.

Kingstonsomeone who knows about programming

KNot:I am a trained killer. I was programmed to be an assassin: now, I take care of the others. I am very unemotional and rational: I must be so. I take my name from the Gordian knot: but unlike it, I fight to unravel myself. I am a Protecter, and serve as a Gaurd.

Larson:male, very collected and informative. Strong personality. He writes prose, and is a Gatekeeper and oversees a group of alters. He "hears" things through his duties and thereby picks up lots of information.

Soldier:he Gaurds and Protects. He is calm in any and every crisis, and knows what to do. With him comes an absolute and brutal honesty and the brusque manner of a soldier.

sponge: i am a sponge (no, not a sea creature). i absorb things. i absorb feelings, thoughts, memories etc. i come out when the fronters can't deal with things (though i can at other times). when it is too hard for me to contain it all i go back to my Well and let it all leak out of me, to begin anew, not remembering at first who i am.

Black Robes

Remember:a keeper of knowledge, who helps DARK

Beyond the Obsidian Wall

DARK: He is the "re-programmer" of the group, having once been a cult programmer but now striving to help those inside undo their programming. He is a Protecter, Knowledge Keeper, Keeper of the Keys and Gaurdian at the Gate. He knows a great deal about the cult and keeps some of those still cult loyal in check and constrained. He speaks deeply and resonantly, and has a perchance for odd capitalizations.


priestess:someone with quiet a bit of SRA knowledge

the Programmer:it is basically an organic computer. it plans, carefully arranges things, and is currently involved in 'de-bugging' the System. it is also very interested and pleased with mathematics and geometric patterns, and likes fractals.

Through The Looking Glass

alice:little girl in the blue dress, such a queer little girl said the rabbit. ..

alice blue 17:rhymner and quiet, soft small voice. . . She sounds very strange, and has a very alien set of ethics and morals. she is a leader of the alice's.

Delirium:she is named after the character from Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, and lives up to that name. She is obsessed with serial killers, and used to upset both inside and outside people a great deal. She is a child of perhaps seven? ten? and is somehow connected to alice and the tunnel children.Rose Walker lives behind her.

Rose Walker

The White Rabbit:she is frightening and very strange. She is extremely disturbed, and the place she lives inside is. . . unspeakably awful. She has a lot of connections with Alice in Wonderland. The Alices, of course, know her. And she often has tea with Delilah and sometimes with Delerium.

People between the pages




Collin:Hello there. I've been around, oh, since the body was about four or so. Not been too active in the Outside world much until just lately. I wander around a lot inside. . . Hmmm, think I'm gonna write a bit about some of the places I've been and such there. What do I do? Lots of things. (I'm human, btw, which isn't such a gaurentee around here after all). I look about seventeen, although actually I'm quite a bit older (think there's some Elven blood in my family, and possibly some leopardi, but that's a looong story).

allie:a fearful young girl, she is between 5-7, usually five or so, who went through a great deal of pain at the hands of the cult. she hates bells. she is tomy's sister.





jinny:She is about 6 or so, scared and unhappy. She experienced most of the more heinous abuse by the sister, and quite a bit of cult abuse as well. She was beginning to have some trust in our former therapist, but then felt the pain of that betrayel all the more deeply. She has been hiding since then.

meme:about five or so, she hides inside and seems afraid of everything and everyone. she can and does speak, but trusts almost no one aside from the few others inside she knows and lives with. Her caretaker is Darren and she lives in a small cottage with him inside, much like Donna's cottage on the father's Land.

Locations Unknown


Lucent and the Rafels

Jean:She is very Christian, possiblely Catholic, and very guilt-ridden. She is the guilty, unhappy side of that part of us, and usually feels depressed. She has no self-worth to speak of, and often feels suicidal.(MIA since 2000)

RAGE:She is a vehicle for a great deal of our rage at all of the torments we have suffered. She exists to protect us from that anger and to be able to use it against aught that might harm us.

RazorSharp:S/he is very mathematically inclined, and enjoys science and classical music. S/he has greater physical ablities then many of us, and can do amazing amounts of math in her/his mind.(MIA)


Alalee:a rather hurt child/teenager (maybe fourteen? not more then sixteen at most) who has felt little of the world aside from s&m type acts she was forced to participate in, sometimes in a performance capacity.


darkling: she is 16 and one of our few teens. she was 'created' because we were never really given a chance to be a teen, and is quiet but not very depressive.

David: he is about 16 or so, but is very mature for his age. He is something of a protecter, and is very honest and truthful. He takes care of children, and has a perchance for country music and speaks in a slight southern drawl.

shade: she is about 15, a very angry and hurt part. she is one of the few who tends to yell and get upset over things, usually at anyone or anything in her way. however, she is aggressive as a way to stave off the sadness and pain she holds, which she is just beginning to deal with. (she is also known as Sunset Warrior)


annie:she is about five or six. although she has many memories of abuse, she tends to enjoy the world a great deal, and is not nearly so tentative in her dealings with the world as she used to be. she also likes to hide in closets. she really like stuffed animals and Lisa Frank toys.


dog:a ten to elven year old who thinks she is just what they said she was, a worthless, useless bitch. that's how she got her name. She hates herself a great deal. she cares about very little in life, aside from wanting not to be hurt, though she expects to be. she has little or no regard for herself, but she is begining to realize that perhaps the world is not so bad as she believed. she is very scarred from the past and tends to cut and bite herself.

Sheila:she is a thirteen year old prostitute. her purpose is to please others, so that we shall not be hurt. she hates herself deeply and feels worthless.

Broken Glass

The Colder Twin's Mirror Image:cold and emotionless, she exists only and forever to protect her charge. she will not reveal which which of the Twin's she protects, perhaps out of concerns for their safety.

The Coldest One's: we describe them as our resident sociopaths. They care nothing for anyone, aside from the children they were created to protect. (BOTH of them are MIA for the last several years.)