Age: 28?

Location: I put him in with the Castle folk, because I think that he stays there at least sometimes, but I'm not sure that he lives there. I think he travels quite a bit, and I know he's often in coffeehouses and such in New Hope, and he often visits Seer in her tower.

Physical Description: He is tall and thin, with dark hair cut short in front and allowed to grow a little longer in the back, down to his collar. His eyes are grey, but darken and clear like shadows in a pool. He has long, pale, thin hands, with some old, faded scars across their backs. He wears flowing gray robes and a full mantle.

Description: He is probably the first of us who read poetry and loved Shakespeare and the Classics. He is very much in love with art and literature and such, but not in a snobbish way. He also loves flowers and gardens and folk music. He helped us find solace as a child in poetry and books and such, in a world made of beauty. He was out a great deal when we were in foster care and shortly thereafter, helping us deal with life then. During that time he went through a lot of changes and healing, because even though he's been an adult for a long time, parts of him were very much still the lost and wounded child he'd been when he turned his back on The World and retreated into ours. Some of that at least has healed, and since sometime in 1998/99 he's been part of the Council and less in The World again.

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