Age: 5?

Location: Narnia, though he is often in other places.

Physical Description: A small boy with brownish-blonde hair and big grey eyes. He wears ragged pants, often no shoes, and a brown and tan striped shirt, usually.

Description: gleep speaks in a kind of emotive gibberish, which relies primarily on intonation and body language to communicate. He seems to comprehend English well enough, and generally seems to expect others to understand him. He is very animated at times and curious but can be very strange and morose as well. He identifies a lot with Marc Hempel's Gregory. We presume he may be the way he is due to an attempt not to be able to tell secrets.

Words from: Fnord! Feeble ring glurm! Kneshdnen psort mefess! Lamdring mebrile merft ktun mreng skintmenting.