Age: unknown, mature 28 or 29? (30+?)

Location: Waysnest. She has a cottage there, with cats, where children are welcome.

Physical Description: She is tall and has wavy light brown hair that falls down to her waist when it isn't french-braided, which it usually is. She actually resembles our older sister N. a great deal, though she is thinner by far, and perhaps a bit taller. She tends to wear long, loose dresses in pale (but not pastel) colors or skirts (someone says she likes "hippie clothes"), though she can be very practical and wear blue jeans and plain shirts for work.

Description: She is Anatashi's sister and used to be something of a balance or "check" on her, though these days that is far less neccesary. She is very much Christian, non-denominational (though given the opportunity I think she might be interested in Quakers). Her sort of faith is based on love and kindness and compassion and acceptance of everyone.
She looks after various children in the system, on an informal basis. They know her cottage, which is set a little oustide the village proper, is a place they are welcome in, and like the stray cats she feeds, she will offer them whatever she can.
She has little enough influence outside her realm, being the village, but there she has the support and respect of the community. She has given Sanctuary to various children pursued by others, and can be quite fierce in her defence of them. Her selflessness and faith is what shields the children in her care.

In the Outside world, she tends to give food or change to the homeless, to comfort lost animals, and tries to take care of people.

Words from: "I have little need of anything to say. Only that I wish I could do more."