Age: unknown, possibly a child or childlike adult. 11/12?

Location: Sleeping, now. Possibly somewhere in RSLVE's Sector, or possibly deep in a still wood.

Physical Description: Slight female, bone-thin, long thin wispy white-blonde hair, almost-clear blue eyes, hands that seem large on her bony wrists. Scars start at the edge of her palms & back of her hands and twine in thick ropes up her arms... She probably has scars over most of her body aside from her face. Sometimes they seem to appear and disappear out of existence.

Description: She has, or was led to believe she had, the gift of laying on of hands, or physical healing through touch. They made her heal others so they could be tortured again. At some point she broke and tried to stop her heart: the body was catatonic for a while after that. "They" and we put her to sleep since then. She woke up once a few years ago and was actively suicidal, so we put her back to sleep.

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