Age: 12-14

Location: She travels a lot and doesn't seem to have one place to live. She has a room in The Castle. She sometimes stays with Eight nowadays at the Edge of the Red and Black Lands.

Physical Description: She is maybe five feet tall and rather thin. When she returned she was almost skeletal, but she has gained weight since then. Her skin was a greyish color, though now it is becoming a slightly healthier shade. (She used to be a pleasently nut-brown child with a small smattering of freckles.) Her hair was nut-brown before: now it is a colorless grey slowly turning almost white-blonde. Her eyes were blue: now they are a pale color between blue and gray, like ice. She has a scar almost like a star over her right breast: I cannot be sure, but I believe it is over her heart.

Description: She is physically mute, especially in the body. She communicates in the OtherWhere in writing and a form of gesture or sign language, and (with some people) a sort of touch-based telepathy. She was not always mute: indeed, she once had another name, as well. She is a very social child, though it sometimes frustrates her that she has a hard time communicating with others. She would like to learn sign language. She is very good at board games and the like, and is very clever. She enjoys games of chance, but excels at strategy games. I know that under the facade of happyness lurks a very sad and hurt young girl. She is an Autumn Child.