Location: a small cottage

Physical Description: He is an oddly still child, with very large, gray eyes. He is thin, bordering on skinny at times. His short, boyishly cut hair is a pale, ashy heather blond. His hands are long-fingered, and move quickly when he is busy. He tends to turn his head to look at one, and one often gets the distinct impression he is looking through you as opposed to at you. His face is very often still, aside from his eyes, and both his facial expressions and voice commonly are very flat and emotionless. There is a curiously flat stillness to him often-times.

Description: He generally prefers speaking to people online as opposed to in person. Though he has become more tolerant of spending time with people in person. He enjoys jigsaw puzzles and similar things. He is very uncomfortable with emotions, and prefers logic and rationality.
He may have Aspberger's, or at least he exhibits signs of it. He generally avoids looking people in the eyes. He is often fascinated by patterns such as tesselations and fractals. He also enjoys things being very neatly and precisely organized, but is very uncomfortable cleaning or organizing in front of others. He tends to get easily overwhelmed by stimuli, particularly noise or crowds.
He seems, interestingly enough, to enjoy the company of animals if they are quiet and not overly rambuncious. He is also very interested in science and logic, though not math very much. He used to be even more resistent to change: as it is, he is one of us who does poorly with schedule or similar changes, and likes sameness very much. I think he is nervous around people in part because he expects them not to accept him and think him a freak.

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