Age: five or six?

Location: sometimes i am in a bad place, where bad things happen. sometimes i am in a rose garden.

Physical Description: her skin is pale, with a rosey glow to it, her long hair sometimes blonde and sometimes brown. her large eyes a hazel that seems to shift through brown and almost amber and green to an almost sea-green. she wears pretty, lacey dresses, often in a pale pink. sometimes she dresses more provocatively, not a traditional tart, but very much the little-girl trying to be a woman. bruises and marks bloom beautifully on her skin, but they fade without leaving a single blemish behind.

Description: she loves ballet and pink and roses of all sorts. she tends to fill our room with bouqets of roses from the yard, loves the smell of them. if we weren't trying to live as male she would probably wear a lot of pale pink. She is confused and lost in a world where she does not now exist to be hurt and used by others. Words From: