Age: 12

Location: she lives in a cottage by a meadow. somewhere near the AllForest. Sometimes she stays in the Castle, too: I think the cottage is near the Castle, a small retreat for her there.

Physical Description: she is thin and somewhat pale. shoulder-length almost colorless thin lank hair, pulled a little messily back in a pony tail often. Her eyes are pale pale grey-blue, and wide. She tends to duck her head a bit, and likes to reach out and touch things, such as walls, trees, etc. quite often. She often wears pale hanging clothes but really likes purple ones.

Description: She is very friendly in her quiet sort of way. She is sad a lot, but can be very happy at things, such as small kindnesses from others. She enjoys others company a lot, as long as they're nice, but finds it amazing anyone would want to spend time with her. She likes to color intricate things, such as geometric designs or stuff from our fancier coloring books. She loves dogs, and likes cats a lot too. Her favorite color is purple, and she likes Hello Kitty though not the too-pink stuff... I think bad stuff happened to her a lot, but she rarely talks about it. She seems to be mainly from our experiences at home as a child, and probably stopped being around much in junior high. I think she had some bad experienes with the stepmother, and there is a very deep despair when I think of the stepmother and her...

Words From: "Hello. Do you like Hello Kitty? I do. I like to draw, too, though I'm not so good at it as some. And I really like dogs, though we don't have one. And I like the wisteria in front of our house."