Age: 27?

Location: He wanders some, but lives in an old gray house by the sea sometimes, and sometimes stays in an abandoned manor near the forest, or in various ruins. No one harms him as he wanders.

Physical Description: He is slim and gives the impression of height thogh he is actually only about 5'6". He holds himself very straight and somehow apart, even when he is with people. His hair is often mussed and is a dull sort of black that sometimes seems a dark gray with some white, and hangs just to his shoulders. His eyes are luminous and piercing, pale blue or grey depending on his mood. He has an almost mask-like quality to his smooth, pale face, often disrupted by a sardonic twist to the wide mouth. He wears long swirling full-cirlce cloaks of dark gray and long robes.

Description: His name is, in many ways, his function. He watches. He observes suffering. He tries to maintain detachment, and sometimes manages it, but not nearly as often as he'd like others to believe. He is far more compassionate then he would admit. He is very perceptive at seeing the suffering of both other system memebers and outside people, much as he often wishes he was not. In a sense he bears the knowledge of that suffering for the rest of us, for he walks between the lines of our realities,carrying the knowledge of all of them through each other. He has always been able to walk into most any part of our lives: the barriers do not stop him. Like Cain, he is regarded with fear and hatred and a tinge of awe, and no one harms him.

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