Many Unto Many

There are many of us who share in this body, this life, these times both inside and out. We are young and old, male and female and neither and Other, human and not. The body we share is born female, but currently transitioning to male, and we are living as male in the world. We became aware of each other (or rather the "Front" did) in 1997. You may, if you wish meet some of us although many of us may not care to be seen so much. Some of us self-injure, or SI, and we are working on making that less of an issue in our life/lives. Although it is far from complete, here is some of our history. (Note: this contains material on extreme abuse).

As for our interests, we are currently attending college for an (eventual) degree in psychology, and are studying to be a psychotherapist and hope to work with survivors of trauma. We write poetry and short stories, some of which are available here. Our relegious views are varied, though some of us who are more active in the world are Catholic. We love and are fascinated by myths and legends and the fantastic, magical, and strange.

WarriorsHearts: our main online journal
strangelings: the kids online journal
Dreaming in the dark our dream journal
Following the Hollowness: Andrew's online journal
the walls are bleeding screams Lucent/Rafel's journal
Daniel Collective Daniel's journal

We plan to include information on and links to resources for survivors of physical, sexual, emotional and ritual abuse, as well as our writings on our own experiences.

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