Multiple Journals

by the waterfall
Lynn of Lemarath's System's journal. Very beautiful poetry and words.

chimera house
One of the more complete and well-written journals out there, by a multiple RA survivor

kaliedescope house

Lyria of Lemarath System


muttering of the Crowd

Our Odyssey
Deb and UsLot's journal. Very open and candid. They are beautiful people.

Primary Reality
Very well-written, introspective journal.

Purple Onion Girl
Not multiple, but a friend, and one whose words we often resonate with, on dimensions of relegion and language and thought. Email her for the passcode for locked entries.

Realms Collective

A beautiful stream-of-consciousness journal of a system currently undergoing integration.

Stone Voices

The Thought Space

The Myriad's journal. It is lovely. Read it.

Warrior Caste
Shandra of Lemarath's System